5 Tips to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer – Le Wag
5 Tips to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer - Le Wag

5 Tips to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer

5 Tips to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer

Hello Summer!

We've missed you! Warm sunny weather with picnics to the park are here!

Summer is fun but we have to remember the practicalities its impact has on our beautiful little fur babies. They can over heat easily so here are our top tips for pups summer loving this year.


Pack you portable Doggie water bottle with you.

If you are playing with your dog at the beach, pool, lake or river, make sure you bring fresh water.

Saltwater can dehydrate pups so be sure to pack some lovely fresh water for pup to enjoy after a cool dip!


Try giving pup some pupsicles! Human popsicles are not the best idea for pup but making a pupscicle out of frozen fruits and veggies or with peanut butter is a wonderful way to help pup cool down. Be mindful to no include a stick in the pupscicle!

If you've got a kong you can also stuff it with pups favourite treats and freeze it for a little while to before you give it to them for hours of cooling pleasure!

Remember when I said dogs can't tell us when they need a break?


They can, sort of. Just not with words!

Here are a few ways your pup might be telling you they need a break (and some time to cool down)

  • Excessive panting
  • Any whimpering/whining
  • Going slower than their normal pace (whether it be hiking, jogging, etc.)
  • Laying down more often than usual

If you notice any of these signs, take a break.

Taking frequent breaks is one of the best ways to keep your dog cool during the summer. While they're taking a break, you can try an elevated bed.

Let's talk more about those below!

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