5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Dogs – Le Wag
5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Dogs - Le Wag

5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Dogs

5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Dogs



5 Ways To Encourage Positive Dog Behaviour

1.Reward Good Behaviour with lots of of belly-rubs, kind words and positive encouragement.
This allows your dog to learn that good things happen when they behave in the way that pleases you. Ignore bad behaviour and encourage good behaviour. Eventually over time your dog will create habits and behaviours that lead to a positive reaction from you.
2. Socialise your Dog
Ensure your dog meets other dogs and people regularly. Reward positive engagement with treats, toys and affection.
Ensure your dog has as many experiences as possible. Visiting the groomers regularly is a great way of socialising your dog in a different atmosphere. Parks are also a wonderful space to see how your dog socially interacts to see where your dog needs more encouragement. Socialising your dog ensures extra energy is used which helps them to relax a little more and more likely to behave well. For starters, make sure you keep your dog on lead so that they do not get overwhelmed. Try the ST ARGO dog leash, which is great for new puppies.

3. Make it Fun
Spend 5-10 minutes training followed by a fun activity or walk
Learning new tricks and habits can be a lot to take in. We want to make learning enjoyable and rewarding for pup. If they begin to lose interest don't force them or punish them. Understand that they are tired and need a little time for new habits to form. The next time they will get better and have a longer attention span for training. Try using the ST ARGO treat pouch for positive reinforcement.
4. Keep it Simple
Use one-word commands, treats followed by a pat of praise.
Rewarding pup is easy, helping them to learn these cues without treats will help progress your training. Use simple words to reinforce a wanted behaviour when you like something pup does. Try not to over complicate phrases when pup does something you like. Phrases like "Well done! Good sit, you're such a clever boy" It can be exciting to see pup learn tricks but it's important that you teach them responsibly. If they sit say "Sit". If they stay quiet and don't bark say "Quiet" or one worded phrases makes it much easier to train them. Ensure everyone else who is helping to train uses the same words too.
5. Encourage Relaxation Time
Include your pet in your daily meditation practice. Try Petitation- A meditation you can do with your Pet! 
Teaching your dog how to relax is important. Getting into a regular habit of relaxing with your dog ensures that your dog can be adaptable in any situation. This is especially helpful when you require your dog to be on their best behaviour, whether your out for brunch or at a social event.
If you have a dog with excess energy reward them when they do relax and use a simple word like 'Relax' to encourage it. Introducing Petitation into your schedule is a great routine to teach pup how to relax. They will soak up your chilled energy and naturally know it's time to relax.
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