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Are Dog Day Spas Worth It

Are Doggy Day Spas Worth It? The London Edition

Are Doggy Day Spas Worth It? The London Edition

Guess what? Just like humans, our fluffy besties also enjoy some R&R every once in a while.

When you live by the ocean, it might be a play in the waves. If you’re on a farm, it could be a wander through the long grass. 

In London, you’ve got doggy day spa’s. 

We’re breaking down everything that Le Wag Dog Grooming Boutique has to offer in terms of pampering and preening your London city pooch.

Wash and Blow Dry

It wouldn’t be a spa day, without the wash element. Whilst some dogs LOVE a warm, sudsy wash and blow dry (especially in the cooler months), it’s not every pooch’s cup of tea. That’s why we’ve trained our groomers to work with the utmost care for doggie washes. 

We start with a large, lukewarm tub, lather their coat with a mild (vet and groomer-approved) shampoo, rinse, then finish with a condition to soften the coat. 

We then carefully towel dry and brush with a tangle teaser to release any tangles. Then it’s off to our blow-dry bar for a doggie blow-out!

Le Wag Wash and Blow Prices

Pro-Tip: Always ensure your groomer is using a shampoo and conditioner for dogs with sensitive skin. Some groomers will opt for products which are more economic, but can be harsh on your dog’s coat (especially for pups, elderly dogs and dogs with sensitive skin). 



It’s very important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Why? Just like us, they will continue to grow until they’re trimmed. For dogs, as long nails hit the ground, it puts force on the foot and leg structure. This force can potentially lead to arthritis and ongoing pain. They can also continue to grow and curl around back into the paw, which will be very painful for your dog. 

What this means is that your dog may become hesitant to walk due to the pain, which is overall quite detrimental to their health.

Ensure your dog’s nails are trimmed regularly to prevent pain and potential infection. 

Pro Tip: When to cut your dog’s nails? Get down low on the ground and look to see whether your dog's nails touch the ground. If they do, they are too long and should be trimmed. If you can hear your dog's nails clicking on your wood or tile floors when he walks, this is also a clear indicator that the nails are too long.

Le Wag Nail Trimming Prices


Ear Cleaning

Proper ear care is an essential aspect of your dog's health, and will be an option at most reputable groomers. 

We start by holding their ear flap gently open and lifting to expose the ear canal. We then squeeze in a few drops of the ear cleaner, taking care not to insert the nozzle too deeply. Then, we provide a soothing massage at the base of the ear to help distribute the cleaner (most dogs love this massage!).

Pro-Tip: Have a long-eared dog such as a Cocker Spaniel? It’s especially important to get their ears cleaned regularly, as larger ears will lead to higher risks of infection, bugs, bacteria and build-up in the ear cavity. 

Le Wag Ear Cleaning Prices


Teeth Cleaning

The best way to ensure your dog has proper oral hygiene, is by cleaning their teeth. Just like us, dog’s should have their teeth cleaned to remove plaque, odour and food build up - ESPECIALLY if they are not eating bones regularly, which act as a form of tooth brush.

We don’t manually scrub your dog’s teeth at Le Wag, instead, we have invested in ultrasonic teeth cleaning technology. We hold your dog’s mouth so the teeth and gums are exposed, and hold the small device next to the tooth. Ultrasonic current works to remove plaque, calculus and even stains. It is more efficient and convenient than a regular toothbrush and has no sound, smell or even feel!

Le Wag Teeth Cleaning Prices



Is your dog white? A Maltese, Shihtzu or Cavalier? Then a facial might be for them! The way our luxe banana or blueberry facials work, is they gently exfoliate and remove tear stain build-up. If your pooch suffers from tear stains, a facial is the perfect add-on to their next pamper day.

Le Wag Facial Prices



While grooming and pampering are essential aspects of a doggy day spa, these facilities also recognise the importance of playtime and socialisation. Dogs are social animals, and interacting with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment can be highly beneficial. The Le Wag London Belgravia Day Spa has a comfortable indoor play area, where dogs can exercise, have fun, and make new furry friends. We also have an outdoor terraced area, where they can go to relieve themselves, check out the neighbourhood birdies and get some fresh air! 

Le Wag Doggie Day Care Prices

Wondering how often your dog should be socialised? Check out our guide on all things doggie daycare!



How often does my dog need to be washed?

This all depends on their lifestyle. An indoor dog that barely runs around and gets dirty will only need washing perhaps once a month. Whilst a highly active dog that tends to get wet and muddy will benefit from more regular washes for sanitary reasons. The general rule of thumb is less is more. Dogs have special oils in their skin which self-regulate. So washing too regularly will strip them of these oils, and it is not beneficial.

Do you need to dry your dog after a wash?

The short answer is yes, especially in cooler climates, such as London. It’s not essential otherwise, but a blow-dry to finish will help with coat lustre, smell and tangles. Pro Tip, use a slicker brush for easy detangling.

Is it safe to dry your dog with a hairdryer?

Yes. But always monitor the temperature to ensure it is not too hot on their skin. A dog’s skin is covered in fur, but more sensitive than a humans. Have the dryer on low-medium heat, and keep it away from the fur to prevent burning your pooch. 

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