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Grooming London's Most Popular Dog Breeds

Grooming London's Most Popular Dog Breeds

Grooming London's Most Popular Dog Breeds

The Cockapoo is one of London’s most popular dog breeds. It’s also a breed we regularly groom at Le Wag. Dog grooming is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership and plays a vital role in the health and well-being of your Cockapoo. Beyond just enhancing their appearance, dog grooming encompasses a range of practices that ensure your pooch is comfortable, clean, and healthy. 

In this article, we take you step-by-step through the Le Wag process for grooming a precious Cockapoo. From brushing and bathing to nail trimming and ear and teeth cleaning, and finishing with a luxurious nose and paw balm,  each step of the grooming process contributes to a happier and more contented dog. 

With over 15 years of experience in dog grooming, we’re here to answer all your burning questions when it comes to this adorable fluffy (but high grooming maintenance) cross breed.

What Kind of Coat Does a Cockapoo Have?

The coat texture and size of your dog are important considerations when it comes to grooming. For example, small dogs with no matting and minimal hair will require far less time at the groomer, than a Goldendoodle, for example. 

The Cockapoo weighs typically between 5 and 11kg, making them a small to mid-sized dog. 

As for the coat type of a Cockapoo, this will vary as characteristics are inherited from both the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel parents. There is always some variety from dog to dog, even within a litter. The three possible coat types are a tight curly coat, a loose wavy/ringlet coat and a straighter coat.

The most common coat we see in a Cockapoo is the curly coat.

This coat type requires brushing often, as it is typically a low-shed coat and so will continue to grow, rather than fall out. Because of this, it is especially important you bring your Cockapoo in for a groom frequently, to reduce the risk of matting which can be very uncomfortable for dogs. 

How We Cut a Curly/Wavy Coat

Depending on the level of matting and length of your Cockapoo’s coat, we will start by brushing your dog’s coat out and using a comb to brush through any snags. If there is a lot of matting, we will need to trim these areas with an electric clipper. Constant brushing of the matted areas is highly uncomfortable for a dog, so we reduce the pain and stress caused, by easily clipping off these areas.

Once your pooch’s coat is knot-free, we will give them a little trim around any obviously lengthy areas, such as the tail, paws and body. This is a rough trim, with the final touches being undertaken after a wash and blow-dry.

The Wash

We start by rinsing your pup in warm water and thoroughly soaking their coat. Then we lather them up with our favourite doggie shampoo which helps clean the coat. We apply a second shampoo which thoroughly cleanses and creates a beautiful finishing shine. Of course, we then go in with a good quality conditioner. The conditioning step is much like conditioning human hair. It locks in moisture and will help with combing after drying!

Once your dog is clean, we give them a nice rub down with a towel then it’s on to the hairdryer.

We use a nice temperature (not too hot or cold) and thoroughly dry, whilst brushing out the coat to create volume and remove any knots that were created in the tub.

Now your Cockapoo is clean, moisturised, warm and dry! By this point they are usually quite drowsy from the brush, trim, clean and dry.

Now it’s time to perfect the cut.

Scissor Cutting to Finish

When you drop your Cockapoo off, we will ask questions like how would you like their face to be shaped? And the length of the coat. From your preference, we can go and finish their coat to ensure the finished product is how you imagined - just like a human haircut. 

The most common face shape request is for the classic ‘teddy’ cut. Which is a rounded finish on the face, resembling a little teddy.

Scissor cutting relates to using scissors, rather than an electric shaver, to finish the cut. This does take more time, but gives a much more professional finish to your dog’s cut. Where we can, we will use the scissor hand cutting method. Although as previously mentioned, if there is significant matting, this method will not be possible due to discomfort from pulling at the matted skin.

Nail clipping

Clipping a Cockapoo’s nails is an important part of the grooming routine. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort, affect their gait, and potentially lead to health issues. 

After closely examining the nails, we identify the quick, which is the pinkish area within the nail. We avoid this area, as  just like a human quick, it hurts when cut!

We trim the tip of the nail where it start to curve at a 45 -degree angle, avoiding the quick. 

Dog’s don’t really like having their paws touched, so this is a sensitive process. We ensure we praise and reward them throughout the process. This whole process takes about 5 minutes, depending on how helpful the dog is being.

Pro Tip: If you have a puppy, get them used to having their paws touched. Give them little massages to help desensitise them to this feeling. It will help your groomer and pup out in the future, making this process far less stressful for them.

Teeth Cleaning

Just like in humans, the bacteria that settle in millions in tartar pose a serious health risk. The pathogens can make their way through the throat into the entire body and cause damage everywhere. This potential risk of disease can be prevented relatively easily through dental hygiene. Painful inflammations, tooth loss or anaesthesia for tartar removal can be avoided for your four-legged friend in the long run.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning works by ultrasonic waves penetrating up to 12 millimetres deep into the dog’s gums and therefore not only clean the teeth, but also prevent periodontitis. It is an extremely gentle all-round oral hygiene practice, which cleans, removes tartar and bad odour.

Ear cleaning

Cleaning a Cockapoos’ ears is an important part of the groom. Regular ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections and keep your dog's ears healthy. This is especially important for Cockapoos, which are prone to ear infections due to their bigger ears which can trap more water, dirt and impurities. 

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Start by gently lifting the dog's earflap to expose the ear canal
  2. Hold the ear flap up with one hand and use the other hand to apply the ear cleaning solution
  3. Massage the base of the ear gently for about 20-30 seconds to help distribute the solution and loosen debris

Anal Glands

Where most dogs should be able to empty their anal glands by themselves, some breeds need help. Cockapoos are one such breed. If necessary we manually express their glands to empty any build up of waste. If impacted anal glands become a recurrent problem, manual expression might need to be done on a regular basis. 


Paw and nose balms are specialist grooming products designed to provide moisturisation and protection for your Cockapoo’s paw pads and nose. These balms are particularly useful in extreme weather conditions, such as cold and dry winters, and hot, sunny summers. This is an optional add on for pups that we encourage owners to select, as cracked paws and dry noses can be quite painful for dogs if left untreated, just like cracked lips on humans.

 FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to get my Cockapoo groomed?

The grooming needs of a Cockapoo can vary depending on factors like their coat type, activity level, and lifestyle. If you brush your dog every 2-3 days, this will mean you won’t need to get them groomed as often. We generally recommend bringing your Cockapoo in for a groom every 6 weeks to prevent matting, clip their nails and clean their ears which are prone to infection.

Are Cockapoos prone to matting?

Cockapoos can be prone to matting, especially those with wavy or curly coats. Matting occurs when the dog's fur becomes tangled and clumps together, forming knots that are difficult to remove. To prevent matting, regularly brush your Cockapoo (2-3 times a week), and ensure you book them in for regular grooming.

Does my Cockapoo need a blueberry facial?

A blueberry facial is highly effective in removing tear stains from dogs faces. Cockapoos are prone to getting tear stains. For this reason, the Cockapoo breed is the perfect breed for a blueberry facial. 

How to book my dog in for a groom?

To book your dog in for a groom, you can head to our booking section. Or call our friendly staff at either the Belgravia or Fulham salon who will be more than happy to answer in questions and book your pooch in with us.

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