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Harrods Dog Gift Guide

Harrods Gift Guide for Dogs & Dog Lovers

Harrods Gift Guide for Dogs & Dog Lovers

The holiday season is upon us, and 🎵 it's the most wonderful time of the year 🎵.

As we deck the halls and hang the mistletoe, there's one special family member who deserves a spot on the nice list – your pooch! And if you’re going to pamper your pet, why not REALLY pamper your pet? What’s the most luxurious, iconic department store in London (in all of the UK, to be fair)... Harrods!

At Harrods, they've taken the art of pet pampering to a whole new level, curating an exquisite collection of dog Christmas products that are sure to make tails wag with delight. From festive attire and delectable treats to elegant accessories, Harrods has something for every pampered pooch. In this article, we'll take you on a magical Christmas journey through the best dog products Harrods has to offer, helping you ensure that your faithful companion's Christmas is as fabulous as your own. So, let's dive into a world of opulent opulence and joyful jingles for dogs because, after all, they are family too!

🤔FAQ: Are dogs allowed at Harrods?

🐶 No! Harrods is not a dog-friendly department store. In fact, Harrods still has a strict dress code, so definitely not as progressive as many other London stores. We recommend dropping your pooch off at our luxe doggy daycare, just a 10-minute stroll from Harrods in Belgravia.

💡Pro Tip: Ensure you call us to make a reservation for your pooch as we book up quickly! Our friendly staff are always excited to see new fluffy faces and tire your pooch out while you shop till you drop.

The Most Luxurious Dog Bed

Lourd Lou Pet Bed

Inspired by French royalty of centuries past, the George pet bed from Lord Lou is elegant, stylish and, most importantly, supremely comfortable. Hand-carved oak lays the foundations for beautifully soft velvet upholstery and a plush cushion, which is designed to resist both stains and wear over time; prepare to have to peel pooches away from this utter haven when it’s time for walkies.

It comes in a range of colours (the grey is divine) Sizes Small, Medium, and Large available Pricing from £400

The Chicest Pooch Travel Bag (airline approved)

Wild One Airline Carrier - Cream

When it comes to travel, there’s no reason your pooch shouldn’t fly first class too and this pet carrier from Wild One ensures a fuss-free journey for both pet and owner. Boasting a sleek, streamlined profile and perforated mesh texture for ultimate breathability, the bag opens to reveal interior cushions that open out to be a comfortable dog bed – ensuring your little jet-setter has a comfortable journey.

Available in colors: black and beige Pricing: £220

Super Cool Dog Treat Canister

Jonathan Adler ‘Woof’ Canister

Jonathan Adler’s Vice collection is renowned among interior enthusiasts for its playful approach to design – but who says us humans are the only ones who can benefit? Crafted with your canine friend’s favourite treats in mind, this canister is playfully detailed with lettering that spells out the word Woof.

Color: Black and White Retro Striped Pricing: £130

The Bougiest Pet Bowl

VITAJUWEL - CrownJuwel Pet Water Bowl (22cm)

Taking the shape of a crown, the CrownJuwel pet bowl by VitaJuwel is fit for your little four-legged royal. Featuring a gem-pod to the centre formed of crystals including jade, agate, clear quartz, peridot and mangano calcite, the design aims to increase the well-being of pets, helping to boost their energy levels, while revitalizing the water.

Color: Cream Pricing: £49

Luxury Dog Shampoo

Ouai Fur Bebe Shampoo

Do you ever feel like your favourite companion is jealous of your extravagant haircare routine? Well, now they can have the same treatment. OUAI’s Fur Bébé pet shampoo cleanses and hydrates your dog’s skin and coat, leaving them soft, shiny, and smelling of a calming blend of rose, lemon and iris.

Price: £28

🤔FAQ: How often do I wash my dog?

🐶This is such a common question. Honestly, every dog is different. Every lifestyle is different. It’s best not to wash your pooch more than once a week as, like us, their natural oils are great for the health of their coat, and washing too frequently will strip them of these, especially with the wrong products. We have extensive knowledge of all kinds of dog coats and breeds, drop us a line or give us a call and we can make some recommendations, or book your furry friend in for a groom.

Cutest Christmas Dog Hat

ALQO WASI - Small Alpaca-Blend Reindeer Dog Hat

Whether dashing through the snow or plodding through the park is more their speed, your four-legged friend can join in the festive dress-up with this reindeer hat from dog clothing specialist ALQO WASI. Handmade from a hypoallergenic alpaca blend to ensure your pet’s comfort, it’s topped with delightful knitted ears and antlers.

Price: £34.95

🤔FAQ: Do dogs feel the cold?

🐶 Yes! Contrary to some chatter, dogs absolutely feel the cold. Of course breeds such as Huskies will be less likely to feel the cold as quickly as other breeds, but you still need to monitor your dog for signs of cold (such as trembling). A doggie cap is a great way to keep body heat in your pooch. Plus it’s cute AF.

The Ultimate Luxury Dog Collar

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Small Loubicollar Leather Pet Collar

Parisian designer Christian Louboutin takes you back to your childhood by infusing a sense of family into its latest collection: LoubiFamily. Here, the Maison focuses on your furry friends and making sure they look as charming as their personalities; after all, all members should dress the part and feel it, too. The Loubicollar is crafted from supple leather and finished with the label’s logo patch for instant recognition. Simply pair it with the matching lead to complete the look.

🤔 FAQ: How to size my dog for a collar?

🐶Easy! Take a tape measure to your dog’s neck at the thickest part. Place 2 fingers under and measure here to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.

Whether you’re doing a spot of last-minute shopping, filling Christmas stockings, or just want to escape the chilly London air and browse inside Harrods, we’re sure there’s just the treat waiting for your dog inside. Don’t forget to book with us before going, Harrods IS NOT dog friendly.

Drop & Shop - Le Wag is here to take care of your furry friend..

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