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How to Avoid These Common Pet Owner Mistakes - Le Wag

How to Avoid These Common Pet Owner Mistakes

How to Avoid These Common Pet Owner Mistakes

How to Avoid These Common Pet Owner Mistakes 

Our pets are undoubtedly a reflection of ourselves. We can mould and shape them as we see fit. For some it's letting them away with begging for their favourites. For others it's their quirkiness that wins our hearts.

Regardless of how you interpret love with your pet it's important to remember we are responsible for them and with that comes some do's and don'ts in order to ensure we bring out the best parts of our fur babies.

Here are some pointers to look out for.

Be Mindful of Your Pets Weight

It's important to keep an eye on our pets weight. What you might see is a little cute puppy fat appearing on your dog or cat could turn into a potential problem down the line.

Weight gain, small or large, can grown into a number of health issues for our furry friends. Things like joint problems, breathing difficulties, chronic inflammation and metabolic problems can arise from weight gain.

Daily exercise, energetic play dates and the right diet are the best way to stay on top of your pets health. 

If you have noticed a few extra curves out of place then increase their exercise and avoid any extra treats for a few weeks until you see them trim down again.

Try our Venison Treats for your pet- they're lean and particularly good for maintaining a healthy weight.


Forgetting about Teeth 

We can get so caught up in the fun and sheer joy of being pet owners that sometimes we may forget to care for our fur babies teeth and nails.

Regular brushing is such a vital part of your pets overall health. Not only is brushing important but watching the treats you provide pup with is another form of love. Keep table snacks to a minimum.

If you do notice pup developing extra tartar on their teeth that brushing won't remove- book in for an ultrasound deep cleaning appointment with us. We don't sedate our friends and our professional groomers are experts in removing plaque in a safe, loving and patient environment.

Be sure to look for natural teeth cleaning treats like our Antlers.

Try our natural Antlers for your pet- Gnawing at an antler helps to remove plaque from your dog's teeth to keep them healthy, clean and white.


Nail Care
A pawdicure is much more than cosmetic. Regular nail trims are a must to ensure pain and dis-ease are kept at bay. Be sure to keep an eye on your pets dew claws especially as these nails can easily begin to grow into the pad if left untreated. 

Overgrown nails can cause damage to soft tissue, injure tendons and other health issues.  

Enquire about our pet grooming services here.


Not socialising and training your pet

Be a social butterfly! Ensuring your pet has the best social skills allows them to feel comfortable in any situation and will ensure they don't develop anxiety or other fear based emotions and behaviours.

Some people think we only need to socialise puppies but actually adult dogs need just as much socialisation.

Most unwanted behaviour can be solved through exercise. Most behaviour issues result from boredom or restlessness. Regular walks and time off leash in an enclosed dog park are excellent ways of providing the stimulation your dog needs to thrive.


Lots of Love,

The Le Wag Team


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