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How to Groom Your Maltipoo or Poodle X

At Home Grooming Tips
How to groom your maltipoo or poodle

How to Groom Your Maltipoo or Poodle X at Home

How to Groom Your Maltipoo or Poodle X at Home

In today's grooming session, Winston, the charming Maltipoo, takes center stage. Handled by skilled professional dog groomer Sacha Bertagnon, this adorable pup is about to receive a full grooming makeover in our Fulham Grooming Boutique. Winston has already enjoyed a soothing bath, brush, a thorough blow-dry, and had his nails expertly trimmed. Now, it's time for the meticulous grooming process, featuring a number five comb attachment and the artistry of scissor work. Let's delve into this pampering transformation and witness Winston's adorable Le Wag transformation unfold.


When it comes to grooming a delightful pup like Winston, attention to detail is key. I want to create a look that's not only charming but also practical and easy to maintain.

For Winston's legs, I prefer the finesse of scissors over clippers. This allows me to carefully sculpt each leg, ensuring a polished finish without going too short. I always aim for that perfect balance – a well-groomed appearance that still looks natural.

Moving on to the belly area, I'll use scissors extensively. This part often requires meticulous work. I'll ensure that every detail is addressed, and any stray hairs are trimmed away.

Now, let's focus on Winston's head and face. This is where his personality truly shines through. By starting around the ears and working my way down, I can shape his face to accentuate his endearing features. Remember, grooming the muzzle short is essential, especially for dogs like Winston who may pant or have their tongues out frequently. It's both for their comfort and safety.

Now, let's talk about those adorable ears. We want to give them that cute Pom-Pom shape. It starts with combing the ears, trimming the top, and using thinning shears to create that fluffy and natural appearance.

As we work on the other side of Winston's face, the same principles apply. Gentle and patient grooming ensures a harmonious and balanced look. I like to keep things symmetrical, so both sides are equally charming.

Now, we're almost done. Winston is getting that cute teddy bear look. It's a length that's not only charming but also manageable. This style is perfect for Winston, and it suits both summer and winter, offering a practical yet adorable appearance.

Remember, grooming should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend. Take your time, be patient, and always prioritize their comfort.

And there you have it, a perfectly groomed Maltipoo! I hope you enjoyed this video. If you're in the London area, come and visit us in Fulham. We are London's leading dog grooming boutique and are proud to be educating pet owners across our city on why grooming is so important! Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more grooming tips, food reviews, reacts, and much more. f you have any specific requests, feel free to comment or message us, and we'll do our best to create content you'd love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are used for grooming a dog like Winston?
How do you groom a dog's ears to create a Pom-Pom shape?
  • To create a Pom-Pom ear shape, comb the ear, trim the top, and use thinning shears to shape the ear as desired. Ensure you maintain a natural and fluffy appearance.
Why is it important to keep a dog's muzzle short during grooming?
  • Keeping a dog's muzzle short is essential to prevent accidents, especially for dogs that pant heavily or have their tongues out frequently. It ensures their comfort and safety.
How often should a dog like Winston be groomed?
  • Dogs like Winston, with a manageable coat length, can be groomed every 4-6 weeks to maintain their appearance and hygiene. Regular brushing with a slicker brush at home is also crucial.
What grooming style is suitable for both winter and summer?
  • The teddy bear grooming style, as shown in the video, is a great choice for both winter and summer. It's short enough for easy maintenance and provides a cute and comfortable look for your dog year-round.
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