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Plan A Trip With Your Dog With Our Top Tips - Le Wag

Plan A Trip With Your Dog With Our Top Tips

Plan A Trip With Your Dog With Our Top Tips

Travelling with your dog is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences you can have. After all, they're part of the family and what's a holiday without your favourite loved one.

Whether it's a weekend out of the city to see family or a trip at a dog friendly hotel. We've compiled a checklist to ensure peace of mind when travelling with your beloved pooch.


Before You Go

Travelling with your pet is a joy. The joy of having peace of mind is even more fulfilling. Before you go make sure your pets insurance is up to date and is covered for all the requirements you may be exposed to. 

Check with your vet that your pet is up to date with all boosters, vaccines and if necessary rabies jabs. If you plan to fly be sure your pet meets all the requirements for entering the country as well as your return.

Being prepared ensures a relaxed demeanour as you travel- find the name, address and telephone number of the vet that will be closest to your destination. Ensuring you save the number to your phone in case of emergencies.


Pack Pooch Their Own Bag

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Get poochie their own travel bag so that everything is on hand when needs be and your not in a dizzy trying to find poo bags at the last minute!

Bags with separate compartments are a wonderful addition to your travel luggage as you can have treats, poop bag holders, leashes and medications that are easy to find. No more rummaging through seemingly bottomless bags for pups medications!

Check out our dog friendly travel size emergency wet wipes for any dribbles, accidents and mishaps that may happen along the way.

Pick up some rescue remedy for pup. Travelling and changes in their routine may cause unnecessary stress. A little CBD or rescue remedy is a great way to support them in transit.

Pack your bag with familiar bedding, their stylish collar and toys. Anything with the scent of home will be comforting to pup. 

If you're planning on lots of adventures invest in a portable water bowl or bottle. 


Other Tips

Try avoid feeding them too much food before travel as it can cause a distressed stomach. Ensure you plan stops along the way so pup can relieve themselves. 

Check the weather before you go and pack some extra layers for pup if it's going to be a bit chilly. Check out our beautiful range of Alpaca sweaters perfect for a smart look from day time park adventures to evening photo ops at your favourite restaurant!

The joy of travelling with pup is to share the experience with them! Research local restaurants that are pup friendly. If you find a restaurant you like but doesn't say whether they are or not- phone ahead and ask if they allow dogs. Make sure you style your dog for the occasion, try ST ARGO's Taupe Collection, for beige dog accessories that go with anything you're wearing.

Dogs love new scents and exploring different locations. Find parks, beaches and forests to explore with pup that are dog friendly and safe if you plan to roan off leash. 

Be sure to keep a little dog friendly perfume in your bag to keep pup smelling kissable and as fresh and ready for any part of the adventure!


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