Why you should have your Cat Professionally Groomed? – Le Wag
Why you should have your Cat Professionally Groomed? - Le Wag

Why you should have your Cat Professionally Groomed?

Why you should have your Cat Professionally Groomed?

There are many reasons to have your cat professioinally groomed. Here are our top five reasons why you should stay on top of your felines groominig appointments. 

1. Reduces Shedding in the household

Theres nothing worse than putting on your favourite cardigan only to realise it's been a cat hair magnet! Regardless if your cat's a sofa lounger or a bed lover, the trail of cat hair around the house is a chore that having your cat professionally groomed will help with. 

Regular bathing and deshedding can help reduce the amount of allergens in the household.  It can also help reduce the amount of hair swallowed when your cat attends to its natural form of self grooming, reducing potential hairballs for you to find too!

2. Easy Nail Trims 

Cats claws can grow to be quite difficult. If allowed to grow too long it can result in uncomfortable breakages and painful ingrown nails. It's best to start your cat as a kitten to grow accustomed to having their paws touched and handled. A professional groomer is well experienced at handlinig cats regardless of their age, and often times, is equipped with professional equipment to ensure the safety of the cat and the groomer at all times. This helps to encourage a stress-free, happy environment, making it a pleasurable experience for future nail trims and trips to the groomers.

3. Health Check and Skin Check

Cats may pick up parasites or fleas and ticks. Having your cat professionally groomed will allow your groomer to conduct a thorough health check and ensure your cat is as healthy as possible. It allows the groomer to check the skin and coat condition of your cat as your cats skin is always a reflection of it's inner wellbeing. Your groomer will also check the health of your cats ears and hygeine areas to ensure your cat is mite free and healthy. 

Early detection of lumps and bumps spotted by your cat groomer can make a quick visit to the vet a smart preventitive measure that may help catch potential illnesses on time.

4. Knot Free and Healthy

Matting and knots are usually more of an issue with long haired felines. Matts and tangles can become uncomfortable for your cat and can cause a lot of pain. Regular brushing can ensure your cat's wellbeing is looked after, as well as assisting in the stimulation of natural oils and a healthy coat. The gentle brushes can also create a calminig effect for both you and your cat which can help increase and maintain your bond.

5. Style Baby!

Of course a well groomed cat can add oodles of style to the household! Why not try a fancy lion trim on your cat or explore different trim styles throughout the year to find your favourite one. 

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