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*Prices dependent on size, demeanour, and condition of pet. Additional charges may be applied for matting, aggression and other.

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Treat your dog to a rejuvenating doggy facial, where they'll experience a luxurious cleansing and nourishing treatment that leaves their coat looking and feeling radiant. Say goodbye to plaque and tartar with our gentle and effective ultrasound teeth cleaning, ensuring your pup's dental health is in top shape.

Our expert groomers also provide other dog care essentials, such as nail trims, ear cleaning, and paw pad moisturising, leaving your pup feeling refreshed from head to paw. They'll leave our spa looking and feeling their best!

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Drop Off Service

Pick up / Drop off (within 10 min walk) 15£ / way

Nail Clipping

Regular nail clipping for dogs helps prevent overgrowth, discomfort, and potential injury caused by long nails, promoting their overall mobility and well-being 18£

Eye Trim

Trimming the hair around a dog's eyes helps prevent hair from obstructing their vision, reduces the risk of eye irritation or infection, and keeps their eyes clean and comfortable 15£

Ear Cleaning

Regular ear cleaning for dogs helps prevent ear infections, remove excess wax and debris, and maintain overall ear health and hygiene 10£


Keep their coat clean, healthy, and free from tangles, mats, and loose hair 20£ / 15 min

Shave Down - Matted Pet

Pricing on-top of groom 20£


Ayurveda Treatment Beauty

Elevate your dog's natural beauty with our Ayurvedic treatment, combining time-honored wisdom for skin and coat care. Tailored to your dog's unique needs, it's a holistic way to nurture their inner and outer radiance.

Small: 45£

Medium: 60£

Ayurveda Treatment Health

Revitalise your dog's well-being with our Ayurvedic health treatment, blending ancient holistic practices to promote their vitality and longevity. Experience a harmonious fusion of traditional wisdom and modern care, catered specifically to your dog's individual health requirements.

Small: 45£

Medium: 60£

Ayurveda treatment Skin Care

Discover the essence of Ayurveda for your dog's skin care needs. Our specialised treatment offers a blend of natural remedies and expert care to promote a healthy, radiant coat while addressing individual skin concerns.

Small: 50£

Medium: 70£

Hydra Spa Sense

Experience the ultimate relaxation for your dog with Hydra Spa Sense. Our innovative spa treatment combines soothing hydrotherapy with sensorial rejuvenation, providing a tailored and rejuvenating experience to enhance your dog's well-being and vitality.

Small: 20£

Medium: 30£

Hydra Spa Moisturise

Pamper your dog with the luxurious Hydra Spa Moisturise. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this specialised treatment hydrates and revitalises your dog's skin and coat, leaving them feeling rejuvenated and looking irresistibly vibrant.

Small: 20£

Medium: 30£

Banana Facial

Helps to quickly and gently remove dirt and discolorations 12£

Blueberry Facial

Helps decrease the appearance of tear stains in dogs while brightening their coats 12£

Nose & Paw Balm

Nose and paw balm for dogs provide essential moisturisation and protection, keeping their noses soft and their paws healthy and comfortable 8£

Anal Glands

Cleaning the anal glands of dogs helps prevent discomfort, odour, and potential health issues caused by blockages or impactions in this area 18£

Ultra Sound Teeth Cleaning

Ultrasound dental care cleans the upper and lower jaw area, killing bacteria and eliminating the build up of tartar formation 90£

Ultra Sound Teeth Cleaning Follow-Up

Follow up session - within 2 months 45£

Traditional Teeth Brushing

Traditional teeth brushing for dogs promotes good oral hygiene, prevents dental diseases, and helps maintain fresh breath 15£

Breath Freshner

Elevate your dog's oral hygiene with our refreshing breath freshener, designed to keep their breath naturally clean and pleasant £5

Full Groom

This is our full groom service, ideal for the long-haired dogs needing a fresh look or a shorter cut. The "Royal" includes: 

- 2 shampoos + 1 conditioning treatment
- Blow dry
- Ear cleaning
- Nail clipping
- Haircut to style dog’s coat according to your 
- Finishing perfume

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Double Coat

S: 90£ under 3kg

S/M: 100£

M: 110£

M/L: 120£

L: 135£

XL: 180£

Curly Coat

S: 82£ under 3kg

S/M: 90£

M: 96£

M/L: 110£

L: 130£

XL: 150£

Short Hair

S: 58£ under 3kg

S/M: 62£

M: 68£

M/L: 78£

L: 88£

XL: 110£

Straight Hair

S: 80£ under 3kg

S/M: 88£

M: 94£

M/L: 105£

L: 120£

XL: 135£

Hand Stripping

S: 55£ / hour under 3kg

S/M: 55£ / hour

M: 55£ / hour

M/L: 65£ / hour

L: 65£ / hour

XL: 70£ / hour

Scissor Cut

S: 95£ under 3kg

S/M: 120£

M: 130£

Asian Fusion

S: 130£ under 3kg

S/M: 140£

M: 150£

Maintenance Groom

Varies according to coat type - prices starting from

S: 62£ under 3kg

S/M: 64£

M: 74£

M/L: 78£

L: 82£

XL: 95£

Wash & Go

Perfect for the short and long-haired dogs to revitalise the coat and remove dead hair. The “Wash & Go” includes:

- 2 shampoos + 1 conditioning treatment
- Blow dry
- Ear cleaning
- Nail clipping
- Finishing perfume

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Double Coat

S: 58£ under 3kg

S/M: 60£

M: 68£

M/L: 78£

L: 88£

XL: 120£

Curly Coat

S: 54£ under 3kg

S/M: 58£

M: 64£

M/L: 74£

L: 84£

XL: 95£

Short Hair

S: 45£ under 3kg

S/M: 50£

M: 55£

M/L: 65£

L: 75£

XL: 90£

Straight Hair

S: 54£ under 3kg

S/M: 58£

M: 66£

M/L: 74£

L: 82£

XL: 95£

Cat Grooming

We can accommodate all of your cat’s grooming needs with our comprehensive range of cat grooming services, including:

- Wash & blow dry (opt. Dry shampoo) 
- Dematting
- Partial clipping
- Nail clipping
- De-shedding 
- Lion cut 
- Tidy up’s

Give us a call or shoot us an email to book your cat in for a groom.

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Dry Groom

S: 75£

M: 95£

Full Groom

S: 110£

M: 130£

Lion Cut

S: 160£

M: 180£

Dog Walking

All sizes accepted - meet and greet mandatory before we take in any dog for walking & a trial walk mandatory before purchasing any sort of package or monthly membership.

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Solo Walk

Recommended for dogs who prefer to walk alone, for the maximum attention. We are taking your dog at his/her desired place around your neighbourhood, making sure to visit all of his/her favourite spots.

£35 / hour

Small Group Walk

We are walking with 2-3 friendly dogs together, visiting their favourite places in the neighbourhood. This option is perfect for socialising with others and became friends.

£28 / hour

Short Solo Walk

Ideal for dogs, who don’t require lots of exercising during the day, it’s a healthy walk, just a little escape from an empty house. Available in some parts of Kensington.

£20 / hour

Memberships & Packages

Monthly memberships & packages available after the first trial walk.


Meet and greet mandatory before we take in any dog for daycare & a trial day mandatory for dog's buying any package or monthly membership.

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Daycare Drop In

1 hour: 15£

2 hours: 25£

4 hours (half-day): 40£

Full-day (above 4 hours): 60£

Cat Sitting

Pop in for feeding and refilling your kitty’s water bowl. Cleaning and replenish the litter box. Socialise with your cat, whether it’s playing with toys or just petting and cuddling.

30£ / visit

Memberships & Packages

Monthly memberships & packages available after the first trial walk.

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What age is best for dog daycare?

Puppies can start daycare after their initial vaccinations, typically around 12-16 weeks old. However, the ideal age may vary depending on the daycare's requirements.

Is it good for my dog to go to daycare?

Dog daycare can provide socialisation, exercise, and mental stimulation, which can be beneficial for many dogs. It can also relieve boredom and separation anxiety.

How to find a dog sitter in London?

Finding a dog sitter in London can be done through online platforms, referrals, or professional agencies. At Le Wag, we offer dog daycare and sitting services; reach out to us for options.

How long of a walk is enough for a dog?

The ideal dog walk duration varies by breed, age, and energy level. Typically, 30 minutes to 1 hour is suitable, but some active dogs may need more.

How to find a dog walker in London?

You can find a dog walker in London through online directories, local advertisements, referrals, or by choosing established pet boutiques like Le Wag that offer professional dog walking services.

Why should I use a dog walker from a pet boutique, rather than off an app like Rover?

Using a dog walker from an established pet boutique like Le Wag ensures professionalism, experienced staff, insurance, and a trustworthy reputation. It provides peace of mind that your dog is in capable hands compared to hiring an individual through apps like Rover.

What does full dog grooming mean?

Full dog grooming typically includes services like bathing, brushing, hair cutting, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and styling. It's a comprehensive grooming package to keep your dog clean and healthy.

What age should a dog be groomed?

Dogs can start grooming as early as 8-12 weeks old. Early introductions to grooming help them become comfortable with the process.

How often should a dog be groomed?

The frequency of grooming depends on the breed, coat type, and your dog's lifestyle. Typically, dogs benefit from grooming every 4 to 8 weeks to maintain their coat health and hygiene.

Can I get my dog's nails clipped at Le Wag?

Yes, Le Wag offers nail clipping services for dogs. However, we also provide nail trimming services as part of our grooming packages at Belgravia, ensuring your dog receives comprehensive care during their grooming session.