Le Wag Retreat

Le Wag Retreat

Introducing Le Wag Retreat

We are delighted to launch Le Wag Retreats, a holistic space where both you and your furry companion can find sanctuary.
We have specifically created this wellness sanctuary which offers a comfortable, cosy environment to retreat to. Find your calm and bring pup along too.


Do you struggle with quieting the mind, do you wish you felt less anxious, more calm? Try our Petitation, an effective way to mindfully connect for you and your pet.
Petitation classes allow us to bond with our dogs and learn to speak a language beyond words. Sometimes we don't understand our furry little friends, mediation is a wonderful way of learning how to interpret our dogs feelings to create a better relationship with them.

Sometimes when we try to meditate it can be hard to stay focused. When we introduce our pet, it allows us to focus all of our attention on something physical which is a fantastic way for both beginners and gurus alike to benefit from Petitation.
We practice different meditations so be sure to try a couple to find which one you and your pet enjoy the most.

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Sound Healing

Allow the solace of soothing sound waves to induldge the mind, body and soul.

What are the benefits of Sound Healing?
Sound therapy helps to reduce stress and instill a deep sense of peace for both humans and dogs alike. Dogs have the capacity to hear more octaves and tones than humans do which is why sound healing is so effective for our pets. Pets react intuitively to healing by stretching and settling into a comfortable position. 

Mindful Massage

In this class we focus on relaxation, breathwork and physical touch to help bring us and our pets into a deeply relaxed, zen-like state. We focus on doggie touch and learn how to calm ourselves and our dogs through mindful touch and sensation to instill a deep sense of zen and mindful connection.

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