Pet Grooming Services


Le Wag “Wash & Go”

Perfect for the short and long-haired dogs to keep the coat in condition and remove dead hair. The “Wash & Go” includes:

  • Warm hydro bath
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Warm blow dry and full fluff & brush (if needed)
  • Finishing perfume

Le Wag “Keep it Up”

Special service for the long-haired dogs who need a maintenance trim in between their full grooms. The “Keep It Up” includes all the “Wash & Go” services with the addition of:

  • Pad trimming 
  • Hygiene clipping
  • Ear plucking if needed
  • Minor scissor trim around paws, legs and face

Le Wag “Royal”

This is our full groom service, ideal for the long-haired dogs needing a fresh look or a shorter cut. In addition to all the “Keep it Up” service, we will style your dog’s coat according to your preferences.

*Prices depend on size, coat condition, and behaviour of your pup! Please do get in touch by email to have a quote.



Brush and comb out

This is our basic grooming service for cats. It includes:

- Nail trimming
- Comb out to remove excess dead coat
- Gentle ear & eye cleaning

(No bath and blow dry included)
Prices start from 60£

Wash & Comb Out

This is our standard grooming service for all kitties. Regular grooms of every 4-8 weeks (depending on the cat’s needs) prevent matting and excessive shedding. It includes:

- Nails trimmed

- Gentle ear and eye cleaning

- Warm bath and blow dry

- Comb out to remove excess dead coat

- Tiny trim around paws and hygiene

Prices from £85

Lion Cut

Lion cuts are usually advise only for matted cats. This trim is quite close to the skin, only leaving a moderate mane, hair below the front elbows, rear hock bone and a full tail. It includes:

- Full Lion Cut

- Full brush out

- Nails trimmed

- Gentle ear and eye cleaning

- Warm bath and blow dry

- Comb out to remove excess dead coat

Prices from £110

Prices dependent on size, demeanour, and condition of pet. Additional charges may be applied for severe matting, aggression and other.

Our Shop

Our shop is located in Parsons Green, Fulham. At Le Wag we provide pet parents and their furkid with an exceptional service of grooming and wellness in a stress free and relaxing environment.

Please note, we no longer offer mobile grooming services.

Below are our services. Get in touch would you have any further questions!

Kindly note our prices are based on size and dogs on a regular grooming schedule (4-6 weeks). Please click here to read about our Terms & Conditions. We would be happy to send you additional information if you send your enquiry to

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