Lia Green Poo Bag

by Branni

The Green Poo Bag

Looking for a convenient and stylish way to carry your disposable poo bags when you're out and about? The Branni Pet poo bag holders are exactly what you're looking for. Simply place a roll inside the bag, take the end of the first bag and take it down the rear hole of the poo bag. Then close the front button. Every time you need one you can stretch it from the back without having to remove the roll every time.


  • 100% Soft Leather Cocks
  • Combinable with our Leash, Collar and Harness collections 
  • Easy extraction of bags
  • Little carabiner for hanging off the leash
  • Measures 10 x 6.8 x 2 cm
  • Designed in Barcelona, ​​produced in Milan

Care and maintenance

Rub any stain with a dry or slightly humid cloth. Do not use moisturizing creams or various additives. Clean the washer and carabiner with a dry cotton cloth.