Vitalizante Shampoo Artero

Vitalizante Shampoo Artero

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Shampoo for dogs very soft and vitalizing based on vegetable surfactants that regenerate the hair and improve its strength by strengthening it. Shampoo for breeds that require volume such as Poodles, Bobtail, Kerry Blue, etc ... or for breeds like Schnauzers, Terriers, etc.
It is ideal for dogs with sensitive skins or for frequent washes, since its high hydration will make your skin regenerate and be healthier in addition to its relaxing action produces a soothing effect on the skin.

Its vitamin complex nourishes the hair in depth providing a shine and volume, leaving a clean hair, loose and free to the movie with great volume.


  • Smoothness effect
  • Bright effect
  • Makes the hair stronger and more resistant
  • For breeds that require volume
  • For sensitive skin
  • Pleasant smell

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