How to Celebrate the Jubilee with our Furry Friends – Le Wag
How to Celebrate the Jubilee with our Furry Friends - Le Wag

How to Celebrate the Jubilee with our Furry Friends

How to Celebrate the Jubilee with our Furry Friends


 Dog Friendly Jubilee

Include everyone in the celebrations this year, especially the furry ones!

Here are our top tips to keep your dogs safe and healthy throughout the celebrations.

  1. Keep Dangerous Foods out of Pup's Reach 

We all want to spoil pooch and share all of our favourite treats with them but too much salt and processed foods can be detrimental for their little tummies. Be mindful of keeping dangerous foods and all cakes, biscuits and chocolate out of pups reach!

Be prepared with pet friendly snacks and if you're out and about pack a little bag for pup with healthy treats, water, poo bags, a cooling mat and pet friendly sunscreen for sensitive skin.

     2. Create a Safe and Calm Space for Pup

Celebrations of all kinds will be in place over the weekend and that includes fireworks and loud noises. Pup doesn't understand that this is part of the Jubilee weekend and they can easily become startled by the noise. CBD oils are a wonderful supplement to calm and de-stress nervous fur babies. 

If your dog does become startled be sure to stay calm yourself and refrain from telling your dog off.

Have a safe space prepared for your dog to retreat to. By helping your pup find a coping response you will give them a feeling of security. A small doggy den is a wonderful space for them to hide and feel safe. 


        3. Keep Pup Cool and Hydrated

The outside temperature is increasing and with this pup will require more attendance to ensure they are hydrated, cool and happy. Prepare a cooling mat for them if they are outdoors and always have water for them to drink.

 Be mindful of pup at street party's and ask a couple of friends to also keep an eye on pup if you're out and about. If you fancy catching a glimpse of the Queen and her Corgi's, why not attend the Queen's Birthday Parade on June 2nd 2022 at St.James's Park. It's a wonderful space to let pup run around while you sip on some bubbles and fully take in this memorable weekend.

We're open for the Jubilee weekend so be sure to stop by to say hello and pick up any treats or supplies for the few days of celebrations. 

See you at our Fulham store for chats, coffee and furry meet ups!


68 New King's Road,

SW6 4LT Fulham



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