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Are Dog Day Spas Worth It

Are Doggy Day Spas Worth It? The London Edition

Guess what? Just like humans, our fluffy besties also enjoy some R&R every once in a while.

When you live by the ocean, it might be a play in the waves. If you’re on a farm, it could be a wander through the long grass. 

In London, you’ve got doggy day spa’s. 

We’re breaking down everything that Le Wag Dog Grooming Boutique has to offer in terms of pampering and preening your London city pooch.

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Harrods Dog Gift Guide

Harrods Gift Guide for Dogs & Dog Lovers

Whether you’re doing a spot of last minute shopping, filling Christmas stockings or just want to escape the chilly London air and browse inside Harrods, we’re sure there’s just the treat waiting for your dog inside. Don’t forget to book with us before going into Harrods, since it IS NOT dog friendly. 

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Dog Daycare London Le Wag

Is Daycare a Good Idea for Dogs?

We know it can be difficult juggling a busy 9-5 with an active dog. Sometimes there’s just not the time for that walk your dog is craving at the end of the day. Especially as we head into winter and 5:00pm marks a dark and dreary start of the evening, when all you really want is to curl up with a book and a wine.

In this article we dive into some of the benefits of doggy daycare, some key considerations and costs involved.

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