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How To Prepare Your Dog For a Grooming Appointment - Le Wag

How To Prepare Your Dog For a Grooming Appointment

How To Prepare Your Dog For a Grooming Appointment

You may see the groomers as the holy grail. You drop your dog off smelly, dirty with pieces of brambles stuck between their toes that you could never get out at home. A couple of hours later, voila, your dog is sparkling and looks like it is about to enter crufts!

Yes. we can perform miracles, but it's not an easy task. Behind the scenes groomers face the unexpected "poo parcels" that can be gifted at any time! We deal with hyperactive dogs that insist on licking, jumping and twirling throughout the groom. While they mean well, it can be dangerous if we are using sharp tools. 

Sometimes when we've achieved the unachievable and present the dog to the client looking smart and dapper, our client has forgotten that we're not psychics and forgot to mention they didn't want an ear trim! 

Our blog about how to prepare for your dogs grooming appointment will inform you about what to do before your little beauty arrives for their groom to make it as smooth and relaxing for them and the groomers as possible!



Handling your dog at home is vital to help them get used to their grooming experience. Be sure to build a positive relationship between them and grooming equipment. Brush them all over while giving treats to ensure they associate it with a positive experience. Run your hands over their entire body-focusing especially  in between their toes and wriggle their nails and massage their feet.

Handle their ears, mouth and face, run your fingers all over their head. Practice holding their face just as a groomer would to keep them still when they trim them. Practice standing them up and lifting their tail. The key here is to get them used to positions they will likely be experiencing when at the groomers.



The day of the appointment, ensure it is as calm and relaxing as possible. Take the for a long walk so they can release excess energy and have the opportunity to use the loo. 

Avoid large meals on the day and even on the night before. Some dogs get nervous at the groomers and a runny tummy is not the most pleasant gift for a groomer to deal with!

Be sure to pack their favourite treats to take along with them. It will give them the feeling of home comforts while also ensuring they have something they like.

Stay as calm as possible when dropping them off. Don't make a fuss about leaving and do your best to drop them off without them noticing you've left. This is especially important if your dog has attachments to you. 

Come prepared for your appointment with pictures and photos saved on your phone that you can show to your groomer. This will help the groomer get a clearer understanding of what you like. It may not be possible to achieve the exact groom the first time if your dog is matted or their hair is too short in places but your groomer will assure you what is possible in the future and how to achieve the look you want over a period of time.

If your unclear about anything-ask. It's important you know what to expect. Tell your groomer what you like and dislike and be as specific as possible.

If you do collect your dog and want a little more taken off be sure to let your groomer know. Most of the time it will only take a couple of minutes to do.




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