Why Does My Pets Hair Get Matted? – Le Wag
Why Does My Pets Hair Get Matted? - Le Wag

Why Does My Pets Hair Get Matted?

Why Does My Pets Hair Get Matted?

Despite the hours of brushing you put in at home each week. Somehow knots and matts end up appearing out of no where! Here are our top reasons matted fur occurs and how to know when to go to a professional for help. 

Leaving Clothing On For Too Long

When you leave clothes on your dog for too long the material rubs off your dogs coat and causes knots to form. The friction increases matting and can cause pain and discomfort for your pet.

Limit jackets and coats to outdoors and remove when indoors. 

Never let your dog sleep in clothing.


Bathing Your Dog Without Brushing First

If you notice tangles appearing in your pets coat, you may instinctively feel that washing them is the right way to start. NO! When the coat is wet, the knots will become tighter and more difficult to remove. Work out the knots before the bath.

A professional detangling spray on the coat is a wonderful way to soften the tangles as you brush them out. Alternatively if you have baby powder to hand it can also work wonders on tangled hair.


Waiting Too Long Between Appointments

Matted fur is mainly due to a common reason—a lack of grooming.

Waiting too long between grooming appointments for long haired breeds can cause excess matting. Ensure you book your dog in every 6-8 weeks for a haircut.

Your dogs fur rubs together every time they move. Unless your pets fur is kept short or problem areas are brushed daily, matts are likely to form.

Problematic areas are under the armpits, the legs, behind the ears and around the tail area. Depending on the type of coat your dog or cat has, the more likely it will be to matt.

Non-shedding, long-haired pets such as poodle mixes and dogs with an undercoat will need more extensive grooming.

Brush your pet 2-3 times per week from home. If you cannot keep to regular grooming from home booking your dog in for a professional de-matt and brush out in between full grooms is a wise idea to help keep your pet happy and comfortable.


Lack Of Proper Tools 

Use a slicker brush and metal comb. The comb is the key here, as hidden matts will not get through the teeth of the comb. 

If your pet has a thick undercoat they may benefit from a dog rake.

If you still find your pet is getting matted. You may not be getting through the undercoat. it's important to section each part of your pets coat and when your slicker brush runs through the section check your work with your comb, only then move onto the next segment. 

De-Matting Sprays

De-matting sprays can be very useful in softening the coat and making it easier to remove tangles. Bear in mind they will not work as efficiently on matted coats.




Environmental Factors

Dry climates, regular swimming and winter seasons also increases matting.

If your pet swims or makes a habit of getting dirty ensure you take the time to brush your pet and check your pets coat after each adventure!

Remember To Be Patient

Pets wriggle and squirm and this can cause us to lose patience. If your pet can only sit for a short period of tine. Give plenty of breaks and treats and come back to it at another time. Don't force your pet to be groomed, instead enforce positive behaviour and stop as soon as they become uncomfortable.

Professional Grooming Help for Matted Fur

Professional groomers can often de-mat a lot faster and without any added stress for pup. If you feel big tight lumps of fur over your dogs body it's time to seek professional help. Seeking out professional de-matting services will reduce a lot of stress and can complete the task a lot more efficiently.  Click Here to book an appointment with one of our Expert Dog Groomers.

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